Winter Flowers

Fresh from the field...  our seasonal homegrown Winter flowers
We continue to cut Chrysanthemums in the polytunnel, generally up to the end of the year.  Rusty oranges, rich reds, apricot, and green, the pretty blooms are long lasting, and a mainstay of early Winter.   
We draw on dried flowers and seedheads which were harvested in Autumn...  Eryngium, Helichrysum, Nigella and Poppies.  Seedheads of Daucus, Honesty and Ammi, Limonium, and Lavendar.  Hydrangea flowers that have been preserved are beautiful in Winter arrangements, their colours muted and russet.
Evergreen foliage is looking good through the Winter ...  Bay, Pittosporum, Ivy, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Griselinium, plus Hebe which often manages to flower in Winter. 
Branches of contorted Hazel add structure to larger arrangements, and in late Winter they start to produce little catkins.

Winter Wedding bouquets are full of texture and interest, using natures' seasonal bounty .... buttonholes and corsages are tied gatherings of matching stems. 
Wedding headbands and flower crowns a lovely natural mix of foliage and dried flowers.

In the depths of Winter our Hellebores and deliciously fragrant Skimmia come into flower.  These little gems are gorgeous in Wedding centrepieces where their delicacy and scent can be appreciated.      

Planning a Winter wedding? Take a look at our wedding flowers page to find out about the services we offer.