Autumn... - 19 Nov 22

It has been such a busy season, some fantastic Weddings in stunning venues, we are so lucky to be doing something we love.
Seeing the whole process through, from seed to Wedding flowers is so very rewarding, but also exhausting!  We work long days through the growing season, juggling sowing, planting, weeding, watering, cutting and arranging for all of the Weddings, gift bouquets and funerals, and then squeezing in time for the inevitable admin!
As the days shorten and we have less and less daylight, so our flowers take a break and everything slows down.  We find that we have a little more time for other things, like clearing beds of dead annuals, cutting back herbaceous plants and Dahlias, mulching the soil and pruning the Roses. 
The longer dark evenings give us time at home to work out what we want to grow next season. It's great to add a few new varieties, and we try to predict what colours will be popular and grow more of those.

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