Flowers for HRH - 14 Dec 23

A very special request came our way at the start of November.
'Flowers for HRH' was the subject tiitle on the email, which understandably caught our attention!
The company who sent us the request were Focus SB Electrical.  They are based in East Sussex and were organising a very prestigious visit for HRH Princess Royal.
Focus SB had been awarded the Kings Enterprise Award earlier in the year for the fantastic development of their Business and International trade.
They are renowned for their design development and manufacture of premium electrical wiring accessories, creating superior and distinctive light switches, face plates and socket outlets. They have a long-standing ability to create desirable products using a blend of traditional artisan crafts combined with cutting edge technology.  The products, which are made from quality stainless steel and solid brass, can also be made in bespoke designs for use in residential, heritage and hotel projects, in the UK and globally.

We were asked to provide a floral arrangement for their reception area, and also to make a gift bouquet.  This was to be placed in a Sussex trug, which was also filled with jars of Sussex honey and a dried flowers wreath by Little Gate Flowers.  All of these gifts were provided by local artisan Businesses, one of those being us!  How delightful, and what an honour to represent Sussex in this collection of gifts for a senior member of the Royal family.
From a flower growing point of veiw, late Autumn is of course a challenge, but for a small order there always seems to be something delightful still flowering.  Roses seem to be one of those plants that continue giving even when the weather is inclement.  Also, certain flowers that have been cut earlier in the season may make a reappearance for their finale before going dormant...  Achillea, Feverfew, Scabious and Limonium were all offering a few stems here ánd there.  Eucaplyptus, Hydrangeas, and our stunning Apricot Chrysanthemums were also cut, and we added a glorious selection of grasses and seedheads to provide texture, form and interest to our arrangements.
We asked our good friend and fantastic photographer Marie Stone if she would help us capture the occasion by taking some gorgeous photos.  Marie took some wonderful shots which we will treasure and keep for posterity.

The day arrived for HRH Princess Royal to visit Focus SB and it was a great success.  The Princess Royal was given a tour of the factory and greeted the employees from each department.  She gave a short speech of congratulations, and presented the Kings Award for Emterprise to Focus SB.  HRH also uncovered a commemorative plaque.
We were delighted to be able to be a part of this special day, and would like to say a huge thank you and many congratulations to Focus SB Electrical for trusting us to undertake their request.

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