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About Us

Our homegrown flowers are grown in a sheltered field at Coggers Cross near Horam in East Sussex. 
We grow a wide range of traditional cottage garden flowers such as fragrant Sweet Peas and Lavender, English Roses, Dahlias and a selection of spring bulbs for early season colour.  
These lovely flowers are often not available through florists and supermarkets, many of whom have to import the bulk of their stock, since they often don't travel well or simply aren't grown on a large scale.  

We can therefore produce arrangements that are very individual, with a 'fresh from the garden' look. 
An added bonus is the wonderful fragrance that many of our flowers and herbs have. 


 You can meet us at local farmers markets or by arrangement at the cutting garden,where you can buy our beautiful flowers.


With many years experience growing and gardening professionally, we are committed to producing top quality flowers, and pride ourselves on having an attention to detail that ensures your purchase will be well received.