Wedding Flowers

Sussex Wedding floristry...

Totally unique Wedding flowers created for your special day from our beautiful Sussex grown flowers. 
A fresh and fragrant blend of stunning homegrown seasonal stems cut just for you.

Your Wedding flowers

form an important part of your big day, setting the scene and adding colour and individuality to your venue, and also to the photos that you will look back on.  Using local seasonal flowers brings a feeling of time and place to the day.   Our Sussex grown flowers have an individuality that just can't be found in imported flowers, and we grow many varieties for their fragrance.
We carefully select the flowers for your Wedding and cut them fresh for you from our Cutting Garden. They are arranged on site in our workshop, the day before the Wedding, ready for delivery or collection as agreed before-hand.  

Wedding bouquet

When ordering your Wedding flowers, it may be that your first consideration is the Bridal bouquet... 
Are you looking for a wild and informal look, or maybe something a little more structured?  Perhaps a large and abundant bouquet, with lots of flowy foliage? Or maybe you prefer something less showy and neater.  The choice is yours with regard to the style and size...  the selection of flowers will be dictated by the seasons.
Often this bouquet sets the theme for the rest of the Wedding flowers, with some of the ingredients also appearing in the other arrangements.  The seasonality of our flowers ensures that your Wedding bouquet will be totally unique.
Take a look on our Wedding Bouquets page for ideas and inspiration.

Buttonholes and Corsages  

Next to consider...  Buttonholes for the Groom and his Groomsmen, and corsages for the important ladies such as Mums, Sisters and Nans. 
We cut flowers that are reflected in the Bridal bouquet, and arrange them as gathered stems, tied with raffia or twine. 
You may like us to use a main flower  such as a Rose or Dahlias, with sprigs of foliage. Or maybe a more delicate gathering of smaller flowers, seedheads, grasses and foliage.  These decisions will be discussed with you when you book your flowers with us.
Each one is supplied with a pin.

Flower headbands

Beautiful fresh Flower headbands are perfect for country and Boho Weddings, and are generally made for the Bride and her Bridesmaids/flowergirls. Sometimes they are chosen instead of bouquets, especially for little girls that may not carry flowers well.  Flower crowns are made using bigger flowers such as Roses and Dahlias, and circlets are more delicate, using smaller flowers and often mostly foliage.
Flowers and foliage are chosen to co-ordinate with the bouquets. Often whites and greens are chosen as they fit well with a wild and natural Wedding theme, perhaps with the Bridal crown having accents of colour to match the Bridesmaid dresses.   The flower headbands have ribbon ties at the back for an adjustable fit. 

Wedding centrepieces

Table centres for your reception...  Are you looking for a big impact?  Something tall, maybe candelabra, with the main floral decor above the eyeline so guests can still see each other across the table!
Or lower arrangements such as small vases or jugs, maybe a collection of bottles and jars at the centre of each table.  You can collect vessels for us to fill, or we can hire them to you.  If you provide your own vessels you can give them away to guests at the end of the evening.
Have you thought about foliage runners?  A bountiful mix of fresh seasonal evergreen foliage arranged down the centre of the tables, looks great with candles and cut glass decanters interspersed through the leaves.
Or crushable flowers strewn down the centres - our fragrant Sussex grown Sweet peas and wild flowers work great.  Platters are simply placed on the top. 
Both options are great for long tressle tables in a rustic venue or marquee.  

Questions people ask...   

How much do Wedding flowers cost?

We are happy to email you to give you an idea of what our Wedding flowers cost, and once we have details of your needs we can provide an itemised quote for you.

What flowers do I need for a Wedding? 

To work out what flowers are needed for a Wedding, we find that most couples opt for Bridal bouquet, plus Bridesmaid posies, buttonholes, and flowers for the tables.
You may also need larger venue decor such as Church pedestals, do contact us to discuss further. 

What flowers are in bloom in June for a Wedding?

Please visit our Seasonal flowers page to find out what you can expect to be blooming in June, or at any other time of year.

How to keep Wedding flowers fresh

To keep your Wedding flowers fresh we advise placing them in a cool and shaded spot and keeping them in water for as long as possible.

How to order flowers for a Wedding

To order flowers for a Wedding, firstly request an itemised quote from us and when you are happy with the details we ask for a deposit to secure the date for you.