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Cut flower buckets

Our fabulous and seasonal cut flowers for you to arrange as you please.  
Perfect for DIY Brides, parties, and flower arranging.    
A large bucket packed with a mix of at least 5 different seasonal flower, filler and foliage stems that are at their very best for you to arrange as you please!  
We grow lots of fabulous varieties, and your bucket(s) will contain a wonderful seasonal mix, but please note that we cannot cater for specific flower requirements.   
£65 per bucket (approx 100 stems)
If you would like a specific colour hue the cost per bucket is £75

We sell our buckets of cut flowers during the main season, from around June until October frosts, subject to availability.
Your flowers will be freshly picked and ready for you to collect at the Cutting Garden in Hellingly after 9am on the booked day.  
Delivery can often be arranged, but unfortunately there will need to be a charge.

To book your bucket(s) please first contact us to confirm that we have availability on the required date.
We will send you an invoice, and you can either pay in full, or a deposit of £15 per bucket can be made in order to secure the order.
Payment in full is required 28 days before the event.
Please note that no flowers will be cut until payment is received in full.

Notes for ordering cut flower buckets;
Here are some suggestions to help you work out how many buckets you will need...
Jam jars take around 8 to 15 stems
Bottles – 1 to 5 stems
Posies – anything from 15 stems
(These are approximate figures and will vary depending on the flowers used, the size of the container, and the look you are after.)

Please keep flowers in water, cool, and out of direct sunlight for longest-lasting blooms.