We have arrived! - 05 Jun 21

The culmination of a lot of hard work over the last few months has meant that we are now fully established at our lovely new site in Coggers Cross.  We said good-bye to Broad Farm, our home for 10 years, since the very start of our flower farming story.  It has worked well for us, and we are grateful to owner Richard for letting us dig up his paddock and grow flowers.  As the business grew though, we needed more space. 

Our new growing area is on the site of an old nursery, 5 1/2 acres of (slightly tamed) wilderness, and has many mature native trees and established hedgerows.  There is an abundance of wildlife, the birdlife in particular is pretty amazing.  The land is being improved and maintained with sustainability and ecology in mind...  water is being harvested from the roof of the buildings, more trees and wild flowers have been planted, and we continue to use reclaimed and recycled materials wherever possible.  There are plans to install solar panels, hopefully to operate our polytunnel irrigation, and also for lighting etc in winter.  We are even planning a compost loo!

We look forward to welcoming folks to our new home, for workshops, cutting sessions and for open days. 
In fact, today we hosted the first of our Wedding consultations  here at Coggers Cross. 



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