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Our exciting news part 2! - 11 Feb 21

We began the rather huge job of planting up our new plot back in Autumn, focussing on the herbaceous plants first so that they would have some chance of settling in while the soil was still warm.  Working through the existing beds at Broad farm, we lifted the plants and split them, packing them into crates to transport them.  Most of our plants had bulked up really well over the years, and so we have been able to expand many areas.
We are so lucky to have had the benefit of some great volunteers who have worked away with us barrowing compost, digging up plants, carrrying crates and planting out.  It enabled us to get all of the soft plants in the ground so much quicker, and well before the weather turned much colder.  .  

We grow quite a few plants that like a bit of shade, and so we are interplanting taller shrubs with shade lovers.  So we have narrow beds of Alchemilla, Astrantia and Japanese anemones between beds of Eucalyptus, Buddleia and tall grasses.  We may still need to shade our Hydrangeas but they will gain at least some protection from being planted between taller shrubs.
As well as relocating plants from our field at Broad farm, we have many new plants grown from cuttings - Hebes, Hydrangeas and Ribes have all done well.  And we have grown many trays from seed - the usual hardy annuals, Foxgloves, Sweet Williams.  Of course, we couldn't resist buying more Roses!  A lovely selection of fragrant bare root plants have gone into their new home.  
So much to be excited about!

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