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Our Spring flowers won't be long! - 15 Feb 18


These strange looking things are Ranunculus claws - they grow into the most beautiful flowers, perfect for bouquets.
We grow them in white and pinks, and they flower through April and May
As they are tasty to mice, we grow them in crates, raised on platforms, and get them well established before putting them in the ground.  Once they are growing strongly the mice seem to leave them alone!


November;  The claws are planted in their brown paper-lined crates.  We put a wide sheet of polythene under them to discourage the mice from climbing up.
December; The shoots are starting to show,  and we continue to keep the compost moist.


January;   The crates are sunk into a raised bed in our polytunnel, and the irrigation is put in place. 
We look forward to a bumper crop soon!




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