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Winter working! - 19 Jan 17

Growing cut flowers leaves us with a break from cutting and arranging stems in the Winter, but still lots to do in the field.  
During the Winter we work our way around the beds, pruning and cutting back, weeding, clearing old annuals, and mulching the soil around the more established plants.

Our lovely Roses are given a good prune to encourage long straight stems and healthy plants.
Annual beds are cleared out and the old plants put on the compost heap.
We have a constant battle with weeds, and now is a good time to get on top of the perennial ones such as nettles and docks.  As long as the soil isn't frozen, we can dig out the roots - a very satisfying job generally!
We mulch with various materials, and we make use of free 'gifts' of big bits of cardboard, sheeps wool, composted leaves, straw, and also wood chips.  The mulched soil is protected from the weather, and weeds are kept a little more at bay.

 A welcome mug of soup in the polytunnel!

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