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We are five years old! - 16 Mar 16

Five years ago, we were at the very start of our cut flower business...  this paddock was to be ploughed and cultivated in stages over the next 3 years.

We had to rabbit-proof the growing area, and eventually, the whole field.  The fencing was dug into the ground to stop rabbits digging their way underneath.
We started with annuals, for their quick and prolific flowering, selling bunches of them in local shops and in farmers markets.  Over time, we have introduced shrubs and herbaceous perennials, such as Roses, Hydrangeas, Veronica, Lavendar and Paeonies.  
We now mostly arrange our flowers for Weddings, and really enjoy the whole process of growing, cutting and arranging for such special days.

Our polytunnel was a fantastic addition, around a year after we started.  Somewhere to shelter in bad weather!...  and lots of fabulous protected growing in the shoulder months.
It has been quite a journey, and we thoroughly enjoy all the various aspects of growing and arranging our lovely homegrown stems...  cheers!


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