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Our Flowers

                                            Through the Seasons...                                                                                                                    
                    A constantly evolving flowery landscape, our gallery takes you through the year...                                                                                                                                      
Winter in the cutting garden ... 
Frosty mornings, and some snowy days. The cold knocks back all the softer growth and freezes up the soil.   
It is a time of dormancy and rest out in the field, but in the polytunnel seedlings and young plants are coaxed into early flowering.  Young Ranunculus and Anemone plants brought on in crates on staging will be sunk into the raised polytunnel beds to give us an early crop.
We also have hardy annuals such as Ammi, Scabious and Cornflower growing on inside, plus a bed of Sweet Pea seedlings. 
Trays of hardies for outside are waiting for the soil to be warm enough to go out, and we have perennial seedlings such as Linaria, Dianthus, and Agastache to prick out and grow on.
Back outside, when the weather is helpful, we weed and tidy all of the beds, cutting back dead growth and composting all that we can.
The Roses are hard pruned to encourage nice strong stems, and we also prune any overgrown shrubs and hedging.
A few flowers manage to bloom in Winter - Viburnum tinus, Hellebores, and little splashes of Hebe.  The Skimmia provides lovely flowers and foliage, and we forage for Hazel catkins.
 Some of our bulbs start to show their tips during Winter, and our 
​muscari generally flowers in February.

As the weather starts to warm the bulbs gain momentum, and we have a whole succession of Narcissi through March and April.